Tuesday , January 19 2021

Facebook buys a customer relationship platform

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Facebook announced on Monday the acquisition of Kustomer, a start-up specializing in customer relationship management, an increasingly important aspect of the activities of the social media giant which woo SMEs to interact with consumers via its couriers.

The Californian group is expected to spend more than a billion dollars for this company valued at more than 700 million last year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The operation must be validated by the regulatory authorities.

This transaction is part of Facebook’s strategy of developing a full galaxy of services for merchants, who have accelerated their digital transition during the pandemic so as not to lose links – or establish new ones – with their customers.

“All businesses know that when the phone rings, they have to pick up the phone. However, texts and messages have become as important as phone calls, and they must adapt, ”summarizes Facebook in a statement.

“We were the first to witness this change as more than 175 million people contact companies every day via WhatsApp”, one of the group’s messaging services.

Kustomer’s software is already in use by Facebook. It allows merchants to aggregate and respond to consumer queries that come to them via Messenger (the other messenger).

“With our complementary capabilities, we will be able to help more people who will benefit from faster, richer customer relationship management available anywhere, when they need it – by phone, email, text, chat or messaging.” Kustomer detailed in a statement.

After two months of confinement and physical distancing, in mid-May, Facebook has released the big game for small businesses, with new tools to facilitate their communication via its various platforms (customizable windows, payment buttons, integration of links to produced in live broadcast videos, augmented reality effects, etc.).

Kustomer said she would continue to work “with her partners as a member of the Facebook family.”

A huge “family” which arouses more and more the disapproval of the authorities. With its globally dominant platform, the takeover of Instagram in 2012 (for a billion dollars at the time) and that of WhatsApp in 2014, the American company has become a juggernaut of networks and online advertising. .

US competition regulators have launched several investigations into possible abuse of dominance.


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