Sunday , January 24 2021

“Santa has to die”: When it comes to killing Christmas…

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Billy (Chance Hurstfield) who wanted to get back at Santa Claus. So he hired a hit man (Walton Goggins, always impeccable in a villain role) to obliterate Christopher Kringle (Mel Gibson, perfect).

In Santa Claus must die…a black, absurd holiday comedy, Santa Claus is real. He lives in Eureka, a small town in the polar circle, with his wife Ruth (Marianne Jean-Baptiste, always the same as herself). But Santa is tired. Tired of having to fight with the American government to be paid decently and tired of the holiday spirit gradually disappearing. “We’re a $3 billion industry,” he tells his wife in a discouraging fit of discouragement.

Writers and directors, the brothers Ian Nelms and Eshom Nelms (Waffle Street) here deliver a scathing account of the society in which we live, a world in which a child – from a wealthy family – focuses solely on his success, terrorizes a little girl and hires a hitman because he has received a lump of coal for Christmas. So the scenario is not lacey and the universe looks like some kind of alternative reality in which everything has become dark. The humor is grating, the kind of humor reserved for adults, the kind of humor that makes Santa Claus turn to making airplane parts for the army.

Santa Claus must die is in line with the feature film Santa Claus is a piece of garbage or from Gremlins (without Steven Spielberg’s optimistic side). It’s a Christmas antifilm, perfect in these times when we definitely need to let off some steam.

Available in video on demand (Illico, Itunes)

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