Friday , January 15 2021

Fur coats for the homeless

After the failure of its initiative in 2019, the Canadian Humane Society (Humane Society of Canada) has decided to try again to distribute fur coats to the homeless on November 30th in downtown Montreal.

The coats distributed come from a portion of the collection that was made last May during National Fur Coat Donation Month.

“We encourage the public to donate their fur coats to the SPCA Canada in order to boycott this cruel industry, while providing assistance to the homeless when they need it most,” Dominique Routhier, acting executive director and animal biologist of the SPCA, said Friday in a statement.

The association had launched the same project last year, but had suffered a wave of indignation in response to the initiative.

“Following this announcement, the organization received comments from people who were against the idea because they thought homeless people would either sell them to buy alcohol and drugs or be attacked on the street and have their precious coats stolen,” explained the SPCA in its press release.

After suggesting the posting of painted messages on coats to make them unsaleable, the SPCA had abandoned its original idea, preferring to use the fur garments to raise awareness of the animal cause.

According to the Fur Institute of Canada, more than 1.7 million mink are killed each year on farms across the country for their fur.

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