Friday , January 15 2021

BMW | Competition from the BMW 4 Series

Certainly the BMW 4 Series is a classic. But at least three other sedans are right behind it.

Audi A5

Price: from $ 50,100


Audi A5 Coupe

Audi’s A5 is undoubtedly, along with the Mercedes C-Class Coupe, the closest rival to the 4-Series. Audi’s offer is essentially the same as that of BMW (coupe, convertible and 5-door), but the ring firm offers them at slightly more attractive prices. The two brands are on a fairly equal footing with four-cylinder engines, but BMW clearly takes the advantage if the buyer wants to turn to six-cylinder engines. BMW’s 3-liter offers higher efficiency than Audi. Dynamically, BMW maintains its advantage due to a more distinctive and sportier behavior. In contrast, the A5 offers a more polished finish and attention to detail.

Infiniti q60

Price: from $ 50,995

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Infiniti q60

Unsurprisingly, the Q60 derives very closely from the Q50 sedan. Unlike BMW’s 4 Series, Infiniti relies only on six-cylinder engines (300 and 400 horsepower) to drive its coupe. Both are quick and well supported by a seven-speed automatic transmission. Faced with the BMW, the Q60 has the advantage of offering itself at more attractive prices, of having more standard accessories and of being more agile. As with the Series 4, the rear seats are cramped, but the trunk is significantly smaller.

Lexus RC

Price: from $ 49,400

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Lexus RC

The beginnings of the RC (for Radical Coupe) from Lexus go back six years. Its reliability has been widely proven, which is arguably its strongest attribute against the BMW 4 Series. The latter, on the other hand, offers better technical advances, better connectivity, more dynamic mechanics and better handling. In addition, the all-wheel drive of the German proves to be more responsive and more transparent than that offered by its Japanese rival. In its current form, the RC sits in the home stretch. The IS, the sedan from which the RC Coupe very closely derives, will undergo a complete overhaul in the coming year.

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