Sunday , January 24 2021
A Scion FR-S in winter, is it possible?

A Scion FR-S in winter, is it possible?

Marc-André, a reader of Car guide, wonders if a Scion FR-S well shod with studded Nokian tires can do well in winter on hills in winter with snow on the ground.

During this capsule In Studio, Antoine Joubert and Daniel Melançon tend to answer his question.

From the outset, Antoine Joubert points out that the FR-S (now called Toyota 86) is a rear-wheel drive car, which means that only the rear wheels are driven by the engine. Not ideal for winter driving, but not impossible either.

However, the most important thing when driving in winter are the tires. And with studded tires from a renowned manufacturer, Marc-André is putting all the odds in his favor. It remains to be seen if the ground clearance of the small FR-S will be high enough to face snow-covered roads …

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