“The longest Christmas of my life”

For the past fifteen years, Pierre Lapointe has regularly told those around him that he wanted to make an album of holiday songs. It took a pandemic for him to complete his project. Here he comes with Winter songs, an album of unreleased tracks that it will be good to listen to this Christmas, which will certainly not be like the others.

Pierre Lapointe does not seem to know the syndrome of the blank page. With Winter songs, he offers his fourth album in four years, nothing less!

The songwriter hadn’t necessarily planned to release this album during the holidays this year. But the arrival of COVID made him change his mind.

“I had pretty much finished writing the songs in March,” he says. When I saw that the pandemic was raging and that we risked seeing the concerts postponed, I took the opportunity to record the album. I told myself that I would be super happy to have a nice, positive project to sell this fall. “

It was therefore in the middle of a heatwave this summer that Pierre Lapointe recorded his original winter songs. “It’s the longest Christmas of my life! he laughs. We started recording at the end of June, beginning of July. We spent our summer on it. “

Create classics

Why did the singer want to make a Christmas album? “Because there is often a negative connotation attached to it,” he says. People often released albums quickly. It’s a way for a record company to make a quick buck. In reaction to that, I told myself that I was going to write new songs. “

Pierre Lapointe saw this project like any other of his albums. “I wanted it to be done with the same attention as my ‘normal’ albums. […] I wanted it to be a super beautiful record, a sophisticated, refined album. I also wanted to try to create new classics. “

For the production, he decided to move away from his usual collaborators and call on Emmanuel Éthier, who worked in particular with Jimmy Hunt and Corridor.

“We looked everywhere for directors, even in France,” says Pierre. Manu has a sense of humor that resembles mine. It took self-mockery to play with Christmas codes. If we had taken a director-arranger who was too serious, with the codes and the way of writing, it could quickly have fallen into the quétaine, the thing in bad taste. I was confident that everything was going to get cool going through Manu instead of going cheesy. “

Generous Mika

On the album, we find the very beautiful Six hours by plane separate us, sung in duet with Mika. The song was co-written by Pierre and the couple formed by Alma Forrer and Benjamin Porraz.

“When we looked for who I could sing it with, Mika’s name came first,” says Pierre. I wasn’t sure if he was going to be comfortable singing a song between two men who are breaking up. We sent him the song and to our astonishment, we got a very positive response. He was super generous. We thought we would have dinner together when he came [au Québec cet hiver] for Star Academy. “

Having always paid particular attention to the visuals of his albums, Pierre Lapointe is no exception here. The magnificent cover of Winter songs was designed by the famous couple of French portrait painters Pierre and Gilles.

“The first portrait they did in their career, in the late 1970s, was Andy Warhol,” says Pierre. After that, they made Mick Jagger, Madonna, Marilyn Manson …! “

Vinyl will wait

Vinyl fans will not be able to appreciate this large format cover this year. Pierre Lapointe and his team at Audiogram simply ran out of time to produce this medium in time for Christmas.

“It was a little mourning, admits the singer. But next year, we’ll be able to take the time to make a really nice, classy vinyl. We’re going to keep some candy. “

Speaking of next year, how does Pierre Lapointe see 2021 with the pandemic? ” Very bad ! he spontaneously replies, laughing. I laugh, because I’m not alone in this. Me, I get by because I do TV. I am privileged. Now I am worried about everyone else around. This is where I feel bad. I had promised at least fifty concerts to a team of nine people … “

When possible, he would like to do Christmas concerts with these Winter songs. “But I don’t think I will make a show Christmas in June [pour les Francos] ! “

Pierre Lapointe’s new album, Winter songs, is currently on the market.


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