The big rivals of the Undertaker

Many pro wrestling fans will be in mourning starting Sunday night, as the famous Undertaker will bid farewell to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) exactly 30 years after making his debut there on November 22, 1990.

The undertaker had delivered his first fight at the Survivor Series gala and it is also at this event that he will make his final appearance before the eyes of his many admirers, forced to watch everything from a distance, pandemic obliges . Even if the details of this tribute have not been revealed, it should make an impression.

“Taker” would represent a WWE icon long after his retirement thanks not only to the character himself and his long funeral marches to the ring, but also for the quality of his work in the arena.

For many observers, he was an example to follow in terms of the quality of fighting during his heyday. Here are some big wire rivalries from Mark William Calaway, 55, aka the Undertaker.


Fans of wrestling who have seen the famous embalmer at work particularly remember his conflicts with Kane, his half-brother according to the scenario prepared by WWE. The character with the immense stature and the red and black costume initially wore a mask. Much like “Taker”, he liked to use the grip of the “Tombstone Piledriver”, a power hammer used to knock out the enemy for good.

Present since 1997 and supported by the former manager of the Undertaker, Paul Bearer, Kane quickly made life difficult for his brother. After several months of provocation, he suffered defeat at WrestleMania XIV and then at a subsequent gala. But that didn’t stop the two figures from becoming allies years later. The Brothers of Destruction duo have been rampant a few times over the years, as recently as 2018.


Before doing battle with Kane but also after, the Undertaker had a problem with Mankind, one of the characters played by Mick Foley. In the guise of a psychopath sporting a leather mask and a white shirt, he has been at the heart of some of the embalmer’s most spectacular fights. Moreover, on June 28, 1998, a duel held with a cage around the arena proved to be one of the best in the history of wrestling.

Despite injuries related to vertiginous falls from the top of the infrastructure, Mankind always got up before suffering defeat after being crushed by “Taker” on a pile of bedbugs thrown on the mattress.

Shawn michaels

Two of the biggest names in WWE history have crossed swords often. Already in 1997-1998 they fought for the world title, with Kane making interventions to hurt his half-brother’s chances. At WrestleMania, “The Heartbreak Kid” was the victim of the Undertaker twice, in 2009 and 2010. On the second round, the loss meant retirement, which did not prevent him from making other appearances. thereafter.

The clashes between the two wrestlers were appreciated. Indeed, that of the Badd Blood gala in 1997 was worth five stars according to the trade journal “Wrestling Observer Newsletter”. The same publication awarded its Fight of the Year title to the two WrestleMania XXV and XXVI clashes.

Triple H

The Undertaker has also had his fair share of clashes with Triple H, the other leading figure in D-Generation X with Michaels. In the early 2000s, he was embroiled in a rivalry, along with Kane, with DX and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He then had a few one-on-one run-ins with the one with the real name Paul Michael Levesque.

Wishing to avenge Michaels and end the perfect “Taker” streak at WrestleMania events, Triple H challenged him twice rather than once in the two years following the Heartbreak Kid’s setbacks. Like his sidekick, he bit the dust. Again, observers liked what they saw: Pro Wrestling Illustrated awarded the 2012 Fight of the Year title.

Brock Lesnar

The ex-mixed martial arts fighter is the one who ended the embalmer’s streak of 21 victories at WrestleMania in 2014, a duel during which his opposite suffered a concussion. However, the Undertaker returned to the charge by resuming hostilities with the Canadian resident a year later. He notably defeated Lesnar at SummerSlam with a low blow before he got his revenge at Hell in a Cell.

The bickering between the two characters earned the Undertaker the distinction of author of the comeback of the year 2015 according to “Pro Wrestling Illustrated”.

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