Tax on the richest 1%: a large majority of Canadians agree

An overwhelming majority of Canadians support the idea of ​​a wealth tax on the wealthiest 1% as well as a special COVID-19 tax for companies whose profits have exploded due to the circumstances it has created.

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The idea of ​​taxing the richest is viewed positively by nearly 8 in 10 Canadian respondents (79%), regardless of the region of the country, political orientation, age group and level of employment. education, according to a survey by the Canadian firm Abacus Data released Thursday.

The 1% wealth tax is even favored by 64% of Conservative voters, compared to 86% for Liberal voters and 87% for New Democrat voters. Among Bloc voters, the idea peaked at 93%.

A report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer released last summer established that the tax would apply to 13,800 families and could generate $ 5.6 billion for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Take advantage of COVID-19

A second question in the survey focused on the relevance of doubling taxes on profits made by companies compared to the level of profit generated in normal times, during the pre-pandemic period.

This second proposal garnered no less than 68% support from the people surveyed. Its highest rate of favorability was in British Columbia (76%) and its lowest in Quebec (64%).

A majority of Conservative voters said they were in favor of this measure (58%). Once again, the idea received the most support (80%) from the Bloc.

“The extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic and the associated costs to the government mean that many people are open to one-off taxes under certain circumstances, in an effort to reduce spending to a level approaching income. [du pays]Explained Bruce Anderson, president and analyst of Abacus Data.

“With the concern that already existed about the divide between the rich and the other, there is room for maneuver for politicians who are looking for options to raise funds and who appear fair under the circumstances,” he added. .

The survey was conducted among 1,660 Canadians between November 6 and 12. The selected panelists have been filtered to match the Canadian population as closely as possible.

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