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Imbued with kindness, wisdom and benevolence, the brand new book by Denise Morais, If life is a school, here are the course notes! is most certainly a book that allows you to see the trials of life differently and to transform life in a more pleasant way.

Appreciating beauty on a daily basis, learning from the trials that life brings us, savoring the present moment and nourishing yourself with everything that fuels happiness, it is a bit of all that makes up the philosophy of life of the author Denise Morais , a person of exceptional wisdom. Yet she did not study with Buddhist monks or read many books on the subject, but just learned to open her heart to others, a faculty innate within her. “I love human beings! “, Launches from the outset, author Denise Morais. “Since I was very young, I have been a very empathetic person. When I see someone sad, I want to try to help them. “

If today Denise Morais knows how to enhance ordinary moments into magical and extraordinary events, it has not always been so. It was after having lived through a most tragic ordeal, some fifteen years ago, that the author changed her perception of life. “Before, I saw too much the negative and it took me little to collapse, while wonder was not part of my life,” says Denise Morais who worked on her book over a period that is extended over four years.

It was when her daughter had an accident during a trip to the American east coast, in Virginia, about fifteen years ago, that everything changed for the mother and her daughter. “During her vacation, my daughter was swept away by a wave in the ocean and she became paraplegic,” says the author. It was the worst ordeal of my life. Seeing her daughter in a wheelchair was inconceivable to me, it’s a world that is falling apart. “

It was through going through this ordeal with her daughter and overcoming it that she realized just how adept she was at showing resilience. “I discovered in me unsuspected strengths, and now I feel capable of going through any ordeal,” she adds.

The magic of the moment

Aware that life brings its share of trials, the fact remains, for Denise Morais, that life is magnificent. “We are here to grow, so no need to let ourselves be overcome by trials,” remarks Denise Morais. Even if life changes our plans by erecting barriers and that there are often contingencies that occur at the wrong time and everything can change in the space of an instant, the author hammers in his book that it is necessary stop feeling sorry for yourself, flexing under pressure and believing that we are alone in difficulties when no one escapes them.

“Rather, you have to learn to adapt and accept,” argues the author who has learned to see the magic of the moment wherever she goes. “I take walks in the forest, I take pictures, I marvel at nature and I see magic everywhere,” she says. I meet two girls laughing in a car, I admire a sunset or I see a mother kissing her child in front of the school, I say to myself: this is happiness, it is everywhere. The author also believes that while the current pandemic is giving us difficult times, positive will come out of all of this, and no doubt that it will bring people together.


Denise Morais has also learned to integrate gratitude into her career, which she mentions in her book. “My chapter on gratitude is the most important for me,” says the author. If there was one to read, it would be this one. “

Thus, we must learn to let joy flow and thank each little moment of grace, since gratitude allows us to appreciate what is, and dispels dark ideas. “The more time we take to thank life, the more opportunities it will give us to thank it,” she concludes.

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