Pointe-Lévy high school: revelers can return to class

The approximately 500 Secondary V students at Pointe-Lévy High School who were placed in isolation following an improvised disco will be able to return to class on Tuesday.

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The newspaper reported earlier this week that many of the students were caught on camera dancing without social distancing on Wednesday morning during a school activity that deviated from its primary focus.

Unable to identify all the participants, the Navigators school board asked all 488 students to isolate themselves at home for two weeks, on the recommendation of public health.

However, on Sunday, a communication sent to the parents of these students indicated that public health had completed its investigation “and that the decision was taken to lift the isolation”.

“The students will therefore be back as planned next Tuesday. […] The material recovery operation is canceled. Students can resume their usual activities, ”writes the director of the establishment, Éric Pouliot.

High surveillance

Contacted by The newspaper, regional public health confirmed that the one-off investigation into the event was indeed over and that students could return to class.

“This decision stems mainly from the evaluation of the duration of the event according to the official investigation and the wearing of a face covering among almost all of the young people who gathered without physical distancing”, explains the public relations officer of the CISSS de Chaudière -Appalaches, Mireille Gaudreau.

However, it is ensured that the situation is closely monitored and that the school continues to be under close surveillance. The CISSS will send recommendations to the management of the establishment to avoid another overflow.

“It is currently important that people reduce the number of their contacts if we want to benefit from safe family meetings during the holiday season”, concludes Mme Gaudreau.

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