High school failure rate: yellow areas also affected

The Quebec Federation of Educational Institutions (FQDE) revealed this week that the failure rate in several public high schools in the province is currently on average 30%, while it was rather at 10%. last year at the same time.

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Surprisingly, it is not only students in red zones who have to cope with these alarming failure rates.

Young people who are still in face-to-face school in other regions also have serious difficulties, reveals Nicolas Prévost of the FQDE in an interview with the Quebec Morning.

“We cannot know what the indicators are, what explains [ce taux d’échec]. Places in yellow zones, which are full-time face-to-face, also live with a higher failure rate. I will give you the example of a colleague in the Magdalen Islands, they too are experiencing an increase in the yellow zone! The same goes for the Côte-Nord and Abitibi, ”assures Mr. Prévost.

The long confinement, the closure of schools and the slow resumption of activities would they have influenced the motivation of adolescents?

Returning to school after the long shutdown, which was optional, could have had an impact.

“The why will have to be deeply evaluated. We know that our vulnerable students were the ones who showed up the least during this period. They decided to stay at home, it is a parental choice, but it is a fact that we have seen. It was a long time without their teacher being present in class. It can be a big factor in explaining the failure rate.

According to information from Nicolas Prévost, it is secondary 3 students who have the most difficulty, and whose situation is more fragile.

“It’s still a critical level,” says Prévost.

However, he refuses to speak of a sacrificed generation. However, he believes that it will be necessary to adapt and work in order to allow young people to hang up and catch up.

“I believe that we will have to give ourselves the time, as a network, to upgrade. Over time, we will succeed. This is a generation where we will have to make a lot of adjustments, ”he concludes.


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