Germany: the head of diplomacy denounces the comparisons of “anti-masks” with Nazism

The German Foreign Minister on Sunday stigmatized the “anti-mask” demonstrators who compare themselves to the victims of Nazism, accusing them of trivializing the Holocaust and of “making fun” of the courage shown by the resistance fighters.

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During a rally on Saturday in Hanover of opponents of the restrictive measures imposed to fight against the coronavirus epidemic, a young demonstrator had said that she felt “like Sophie Scholl”, a German student executed by the Nazis in 1943 for her role in resistance.

A video of his speech has been seen more than a million times on social networks, with many Internet users expressing their indignation at his comments.

“Anyone today who compares to Sophie Scholl or Anne Frank doesn’t care how much courage it took to stand up to the Nazis,” Maas said in a tweet.

Such an attitude “trivializes the Holocaust and reveals an inadmissible oblivion of history. There is no connection between the protests (against the anti-coronavirus restrictions) and the resistance fighters. No ! », Indignant the minister.

On the video, we can see a member of the security service interrupting the protester perched on a platform, and denouncing her remarks which amount to “minimizing the Holocaust”.

“I don’t work for security to (hear) such nonsense,” he exclaims before being escorted away.

The young woman, who introduced herself as Jana, 22, then bursts into tears and drops her microphone before leaving the stage.

Last week, an eleven-year-old girl addressed “anti-mask” demonstrators in Karlsruhe (West), comparing herself to the Jewish teenager Anne Frank because she had to celebrate her birthday in peace.

Anne Frank, whose diary she wrote while living in hiding in the Netherlands under Nazi occupation, was read by millions of people, perished in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

The comparison with Anne Franck aroused indignant reactions. The Karlsruhe police considered it “inappropriate and in bad taste”.

The measures taken by the government to contain the epidemic have sparked large protests in Germany, bringing together radical left activists, conspiracyists and right-wing extremists.

On Wednesday in Berlin, police dispersed, using tear gas and water cams, several thousand demonstrators, most of whom were not wearing masks.

Several hundred people gathered again in Berlin on Sunday for a new protest against anti-Covid restrictions.

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