Éric Duhaime launches into the leadership of the Conservative Party of Quebec

Host Éric Duhaime will announce Sunday evening on social networks that he intends to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ).

The party, which won 1.46% of the vote in the last election in 2018, must acquire a new leader at its next congress in April 2021.

The current PCQ leader, Adrien Pouliot, announced his intention to resign on October 15. However, he indicated that he will remain at the head of the political formation until the election of his successor.

If he becomes leader, Éric Duhaime will try to be elected as a member of the National Assembly.

According to our information, he intends to run as a candidate in the Quebec City region.

Candidates for the leadership of the PCQ have until December 17 to apply.


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