Confinement in Toronto: “there are a lot of frustrations”

The return of Toronto and part of its suburbs to a state of containment worthy of last spring as of Monday arouses discontent within the Queen City, noted the editor of theToronto Express.

“There is a lot of resignation, but it is hard to understand why, if we were already very confined, why we must confine ourselves even more”, exclaimed François Bergeron in an interview with LCN on Sunday morning.

Last Friday, the government of Doug Ford announced that Toronto and the region of Peel, which notably includes the cities of Mississauga and Brampton, will enter lockdown as of Monday, at least until December 20.

In doing so, small traders are forced to go out of business even as the lucrative weeks leading up to Christmas loomed on the horizon. Previously, Toronto and its suburbs applied measures similar to those imposed in the red zone in Quebec, with a few differences depending on the type of business.

“The stores were already limiting the number of customers inside. So there is a lot of frustration and even despair among traders who were counting on the holiday season to bail out, ”said Bergeron.

As a result of Friday’s announcement, stores were stormed over the weekend.

“It was the rush to all supermarkets, Costco, Walmart, all supermarkets to store provisions and even to do some last minute Christmas shopping,” observed the editor of the French weekly. .

Unlike Quebeckers who already know the recommendations of Public Health for the Christmas festivities, Torontonians will also have to take their troubles patiently over the next four weeks, the Ford government having chosen to measure the effects of the measures imposed before giving guidelines.

“It does not look good,” however admitted Mr. Bergeron, while his province recorded a new record on Saturday with 1,588 new infections in 24 hours. Ontario has had a higher number of cases per day than Quebec for about two weeks.

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