Compare the best internet plans and save with this tool

Save on your next internet package thanks to PlanHub’s web comparator and Find the best offers from different internet providers in Quebec and Canada. An easy solution to pay less for your internet and save money by finding discounts quickly.

The internet has become a vital need for many of us. Whether it’s for work, our entertainment, our smart home, practically everything goes through the internet these days.

However, choosing your internet plan can be quite painful at times. Go to all the sites of the different providers, number of data, speed, is it available in my region or not? It becomes quite a puzzle. Not to mention that we will often think of the big players in the market, but there are many more offers than we think!

Having already introduced you to the cell phone plan comparator, the Montreal company PlanHub and I are therefore delighted to offer you a completely free tool that allows you this time to compare all internet packages in one place to get the best possible price.

Get the best price for your internet package thanks to the PlanHub comparator and

Find the best internet plan for home or work

You move? Do you find your internet bill too expensive? Would you like to have a faster connection? So many reasons that can push us to look at the internet package offers from different providers. Well, our comparator is there for that!

Constantly updated with the latest offers on the market, the comparator acts as a database of internet packages.

All the major internet providers in Quebec and Canada are there:

  • Bell
  • Videotron
  • Ebox
  • Telus
  • Xplornet
  • Telecom
  • B2B2C
  • VIF
  • VMedia
  • Comwave
  • Virgin mobile
  • Fizz
  • TekSavvy
  • Altima Telecom
  • Distributel
  • Bravo Telecom
  • Allo Telecom
  • And more!

Once on the comparator, you fill out a form of three questions to determine your needs and desires.

We start with our address or postal code to get the results for our region, then the download speed we want and the amount of data we want to have.

We can also take a more exhaustive quiz where we really assess our needs according to how many devices we have, how many people use the internet on the network, if we listen to a lot of video content, etc.

Access the internet package comparator

Hub plan compare internet package

The comparator displays all the internet packages available according to our search criteria.

Once completed, the comparator will present us with the various offers that are available to us. We can then sort them according to the amount per month of the package or the total amount for 1 year.

The results are placed from the cheapest to the most expensive, which allows us to quickly see who is offering us the best price according to our criteria.

You can also do quick searches depending on the type of package you want:

  • Economic package
  • Unlimited data and speed
  • Family package
  • Better reliability
  • Business package
  • Student package

Save money on your internet package

Another quite interesting tool is the speed test.

Not only does this give us the exact speed of our connection, but it also allows us to see how much we could pay from another provider for the same speed.

Always with the lowest possible price!

Hub plan test speed internet connection package

Find the best price for the internet speed you have.

This therefore becomes interesting to achieve savings by turning to a cheaper option or outright as a negotiation tool with the retention of current supplier rating.

In short, it’s a great platform to have in your web browser favorites, in order to shop for your next internet package and save some money.

Access the internet package comparator

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