Boost Chrome Browser Performance with Update 87

Google has released a new update for its Chrome web browser. With the update 87 of Chrome, the browser becomes much more powerful, faster and less power consuming. It also brings some interesting little functions.

Google keeps updating its popular Chrome web browser all the time.

If some updates are more marginal than others, version 87 brings a little breath of fresh air.

Particularly in terms of browser performance when it is:

  • 25% faster at startup
  • 7% faster to load a page
  • Less energy consuming and prolongs battery life

These performance gains are explained by the fact that the browser uses less random access memory (RAM) and prioritizes active tabs, which reduces the load on the computer’s processor.

On an Android device, Chrome almost instantly loads a page when you go to the previous or next.

New features for tabs and function search

In terms of feature additions, Chrome adds new tools at the top of the screen.

However, at the time of this writing, these functions are being deployed gradually, whereas they are not found on our computers equipped with Chrome 87. Google explains on its blog that they will be offered in the coming weeks.

First, there is a new icon in the form of an arrow. It allows us to search all of our open tabs. But hey, let’s say you have to have a lot of open tabs for this to become really practical.

Google Chrome offers a tool to quickly search through all of our open tabs. Photo credit: Google.

The other novelty is that one can find functions of its parameters via the search bar.

For example, if we type: “delete browsing history”, Chrome gives us as a result the direct link to do so in its settings.

Chrome 87 search functions

It is possible to search for features of Chrome 87 settings through the search bar. Image credit: Google.

Finally, Chrome 87 intends to present search results to us more easily than we have done in the past. Including cooking recipes for example so that we do not look again for a recipe that we prepared a few weeks ago.

How to install Chrome 87 update

To install the Chrome 87 update on your computer, you need to:

  1. Open browser Chromium
  2. Click on the three small dots in the upper right corner
  3. Go in: Help
  4. Click on: About Google Chrome
  5. Let the update download
  6. Click on the option: Revive to close and reopen Chrome and install the update

On a smartphone or tablet, you need to update the Chrome application through the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple).

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