Biron Groupe Santé takes part in the battle against COVID-19

Biron Groupe Santé is taking part in the battle against COVID-19. In addition to carrying out screening tests in companies, the company recently set up a solution to identify around twenty different viruses, thus avoiding slippages concerning diseases.

Biron Groupe Santé is a Brossard company with 800 workers in Quebec. The company specializes in laboratory and genetic services, medical imaging services, as well as sleep problems.

The management does not hide that the great containment of the spring was “quite difficult” on the activities of the organization.

Forced to innovate

The president, Geneviève Biron, answers the Newspaper that this period however forced his troops to “innovate” and “develop new ways of doing things”.

In recent months, Biron Groupe Santé has notably enhanced its service offering for businesses and individuals by adding screening for coronavirus disease as well as serological tests to detect antibodies in the blood following a test. exposure to the virus.

According to the organization’s website, the bill for collecting and analyzing a test for COVID-19 is $ 250, and the cost for the serological test is $ 145. The company specifies that these costs can be reimbursed by insurers.

In addition, management points out that it has recently set up a test (respiratory multiplex PCR) to detect around twenty different viruses simultaneously. This allows the patient to quickly know if he has COVID-19 or the flu.

Complementary to the public network

“We serve employers who have needs. You can also schedule a nurse in a company to take samples on site. For COVID-19, yes, there is a demand, ”confirms Ms. Biron, ready to help the government again if needs arise, especially with the deployment of the vaccine on the horizon.

The businesswoman says she has already answered calls from the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

“We are a complementary company to the public network, but we will always be there to help if there are needs,” she says.

In the coming weeks, Biron Groupe Santé is also hopeful of being able to offer a test for COVID-19 that will be done from a saliva sample. A method that could unclog the health network.

“Future tests may no longer require a nurse to take a sample. There are all kinds of new technologies that are going to be available soon. This should give our nurses a hand, ”said Ms. Biron, at the helm of the Quebec group since 2014.

It was his father, Denis Biron, who founded the company in 1952.

Currently, the company does business exclusively in Quebec. However, management does not rule out the possibility of attacking new markets in the coming years with its online service offering.

Other business line

The laboratory, samples and care division of the organization is not the only business branch to have reviewed or improved certain practices. The one focused on sleep disorders has also changed its service methods.

For example, devices for making diagnoses are now delivered directly to patients, and respiratory therapist meetings can take place online.

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