The trip of a comic music lover

François Pérusse has always loved progressive music, from Genesis to Gentle Giant, including Jethro Tull and King Crimson. In his 11e People’s Album, the music-loving comedian has decided to offer a few songs inspired by this somewhat neglected musical style today.

François Pérusse likes to be desired. Five years after his last People’s Album, which wanted to be an anniversary disc, the comedian took advantage of the pandemic to return to the charge with a new cake.

“I don’t do albums that often because it’s a real mental torture! he says. It’s good work, I question myself, I have doubts. It is a “suffering” of several months! “

On this eleventh volume, we find many puns – the comedian’s trademark -, as well as several nods to well-known personalities (Bob Hartley, Denis Lévesque, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, François Legault) .

But what is most striking is to see how much François Pérusse had fun musically on the songs I don’t want to judge, 3 p’tits points and The connected coffin.

“I paid myself a trip, he said. I have always liked prog music. Despite what some say, she is pretty much gone today. At first I just wanted to do a laughing song like Jethro Tull. But I liked it so much that I wanted to go to [Frank] Zappa and King Crimson. I bought myself a bill! “

A first music video

François Pérusse received a very favorable reception at Zéro Musique by presenting these pieces. “It was even a blast on their part,” he says.

His manager, Pierre Dumont, even convinced him to make the very first music video of his career, for I don’t want to judge.

“I’m not a seller of my tunes,” said the comedian. I never wanted to do a promotional campaign around a song. That’s why I had always hesitated. But here I find it works very well. “

In addition to the comedian, the clip also shows us Dom Massi, from the comedy group Les Pic-Bois. “I didn’t know him before making the clip,” admits Pérusse. Besides, we didn’t even meet, because we shot our scenes separately. But I went to see what Les Pic-Bois is doing and I really like it. I’ve always liked the kind of mischievous humor, like what Les Appendices also does. “

With Jean Leloup

Before enjoying a brilliant career in humor, François Pérusse played bass for some famous musicians. His work alongside Luc De Larochellière is well known, but did you know that he has already accompanied Geneviève Paris, Bob Walsh and … Jean Leloup?

“I played with Jean even before his first album, when he was still called Jean Leclerc,” he says. I knew he was promising. […] From the moment he got into the big leagues, Jean took me by the hand and said: come with me. I was pissou, I had a job and it didn’t interest me to be “just” bassist. I was a little loser. I was afraid to go. He yelled at me a bit on the phone. I ran out of guts ! “

François Pérusse loves music and he shared his passion with his two boys aged 11 and 13. “They make me discover things today. And I make them discover things from before. Like there, I make them discover Steve Miller and they go crazy! “

Music lover’s dream

A die-hard music lover, could the comedian one day release a “serious” music album? “It’s a phantasmagorical dream that I have had since adolescence,” he replies. I sometimes talk to my brother about it [le réalisateur et musicien Marc Pérusse]. Yes, I have to make one. Of course it would be music. But if there were songs, the lyrics would be witty. Because I will never write sad songs! “

After already 30 years of career in humor, François Pérusse will not see himself arrested soon. But he would see himself doing more collaborations with other artists “rather than always being alone”. “I would like to create things for television, to work behind the curtain. […] As long as there is going to be juice and there are going to be people to listen, I’m going to keep doing things. For sure. “

The People’s Album – Volume XI, by François Pérusse, will be on sale from Tuesday until December 20 exclusively on It will then be for sale on other shopping sites.

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