The nerve of his hand destroyed forever

A father struck by the virus will never find the full use of the left hand again because of the way he was positioned during the 15 days he had to spend in a coma.

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When he came out of a coma in mid-April, Georges Aguiar had lost 40% of his muscle mass, was having difficulty breathing and had arrhythmia.

A healthy auxiliary in Deux-Montagnes, the 47-year-old man therefore had to learn to walk again since his legs were no longer able to carry him. Not to mention the constant fatigue that overtook him with each effort.

“I was lifted on the hoist for a week. I couldn’t believe I was at this level. I didn’t recognize my body, ”he says.

And he had to use a walker for a few days after he was released from the hospital.

Six months later, in addition to a persistent cardiac arrhythmia, neurological tests confirmed damage to his ulnar nerve, located along his forearm, which will affect the use of his left hand.

This permanent sequel would have been caused by the improper positioning of his hand when placed on his stomach when he was in a coma, coupled with his rather heavy weight.

However, Mr. Aguiar believes that this situation could have been avoided if it had been taken seriously as soon as he began to experience symptoms similar to those that are associated today with COVID-19.

“I had red eyes, then I started to have sore throat, diarrhea and intense fever,” recalls the 40-year-old.

Three times in as many days, he contacted the COVID Line in vain, he said.

A punch

“On the fourth day, I was too weak even to speak, so I called the ambulance. They assured me I had COVID and asked me why I hadn’t been tested earlier. It was not until I could stand up for them to take me seriously, ”laments Mr. Aguiar.

After two days in intensive care, the doctor came to see him to tell him to call his family because he was going to be intubated and he was going to be in a coma.

“He said to me, ‘You have 30 minutes to say goodbye to your family because I’m not sure you’re going to wake up’. I took it like a punch in the face, ”recalls the one who is the father of a 7-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl.


He woke up two weeks after being plunged into a life-saving artificial coma.

Georges Aguiar in intensive care in April, a week after waking up from a 15-day coma.

Courtesy photo

Georges Aguiar in intensive care in April, a week after waking up from a 15-day coma.

In full hallucination, he even removed his own tubes which allowed him to breathe a few hours earlier, under the astonished gaze of the nurses. It wasn’t until a week later, when he became fully lucid, that his doctor told him about his feat.

And after a hospitalization that ultimately lasted a month, she was allowed to leave the hospital the day before her son’s birthday, on the 1ster May 2020.

Georges Aguiar | 47 years

  • Hospitalized one month
  • In a coma and intubated for 15 days
  • Had to learn to walk again
  • Can no longer use his left hand adequately
  • Now has cardiac arrhythmia

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