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Art in a bottle

But the Montreal club Duvernois, producer of Romeo’s Gin, did not stop there! The C-Horse of birdO (a magnificent giant seahorse) can now be found inside the 6th edition of their contemporary gin bottle, coming soon to the LCBO. (The LCBO link currently displays the 5th edition of Romeo’s gin, featuring the work of the Montrealer Stikki Peach.)

I leave it to true lovers of gin “on the rocks” to describe Romeo’s Gin made from juniper berries, cucumber, dill, lavender, almond and lemon. But I can confirm that when I opened the bottle of this gin, the scent of coniferous trees brought me closer to the Holidays. (I later learned that juniper berry is the only spice from conifers!).

I intend to study the list of cocktails described on the Romeo’s Gin website and bring out their festive bottle at the first opportunity. It’s really the year to raise our glass and wish each other good health …

Nicolas Duvernois’ gin

Looking at the interesting clip on the site’s home page Duvernois, I learned that Romeo is the name of the dog of Nicolas Duvernois, the creator of gin!

Another fun fact that demonstrates his company’s commitment to supporting creators: the Romeo’s Museum, in Montreal, an urban art museum open free to the public, showcases 24 artists in the two stairwells of the twelve floors of their building (at 5445 and 5455 rue de Gaspé).

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