The miracle of the Cité-de-la-Santé not out of the woods

A man who was in a coma for a month in the spring due to COVID-19 is still trying to regain 100% of his form amid the second wave of the pandemic.

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“It wasn’t easy. Even today, there are days when I don’t feel at the top of my game, ”recounts Michel Lapierre.

The 72-year-old Laval resident has not had it easy. He was admitted to the Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital on March 23 with respiratory problems.

While he was in a coma for 30 days, doctors didn’t have too many expectations when it came to unplugging his breathing assistance. According to his wife, Colette Labelle, he was then given a 20% chance of survival.

Forced retirement

Mr. Lapierre finally managed to breathe on his own. Dubbed the miracle worker by staff, he underwent extensive rehabilitation and was released from hospital on May 23, after two months of treatment.

“I had to learn to walk again after spending a month without moving. I pushed so hard in physiotherapy. I think if I hadn’t given myself so much, I wouldn’t have gotten my leave so quickly, ”recalls the man, who was an artisan truck driver.

However, illness forced him to retire and sell his truck, since the energy was no longer there.

As his muscle mass melted with the 40 lbs he lost, he did home physiotherapy daily for the month following his discharge. He has picked up a dozen books since then.

Mr. Lapierre before being struck by COVID-19.

Courtesy photo

Mr. Lapierre before being struck by COVID-19.

As a result of being bedridden for two months, Mr. Lapierre was also treated for shoulder pain and a bed sore which eventually healed in mid-September. He must also see a urologist, as a result of having to wear a urinary catheter for so long.

The disease also left psychological traces.

“I am still afraid of getting the virus back. When I meet someone walking, I change sides of the street, ”illustrates Mr. Lapierre.

It’s better

Since leaving the hospital, Mr. Lapierre has been able to take some fresh air whenever he wanted, which he sorely missed.

“It really helped me to be able to go out into the yard. At first I still had difficulty breathing and had to take naps every afternoon. Now things are going much better, but I’m taking my time, ”explains Mr. Lapierre.

With winter approaching, he knows he will have fewer opportunities to go outside, but he wishes himself a boost of energy and a few small storms in order to be able to be bored with his snowblower.

Michel Lapierre | 72 years old

  • Hospitalized 60 days
  • 30 days in a coma
  • 40 lbs lost
  • Forced to retire
  • Still lack of energy

His own brother does not believe in this virus …

Michel Lapierre is still struggling to understand that some, including his own brother, still doubt the existence of the virus even if many, like him, tell the hell they had to go through.

“My sister said to her, ‘What more proof do you want to believe the virus exists? Your brother almost died of it ”. I also told him about my hospital bed, which was weakened, but there was nothing to do, ”says Mr. Lapierre.

Blocked on Facebook

“He doesn’t want to try to understand. He even blocked me on Facebook, ”adds the septuagenarian, who was hospitalized for two months last spring.

When The newspaper met Mr. Lapierre, the latter was already categorical on the power of the second wave that was emerging.

He predicted that the 28-day confinement period imposed then in greater Montreal would last longer than announced.

The facts sadly proved him right.

“There are some who just don’t want to believe it. Some say that the government pays actors for testimony, but I assure you, we received nothing and we were not promised anything ”, he proclaims.

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