The heartwarming playlist of our stars

When you need a pick-me-up, music is often one of the best medicine. That is why Press asked 10 public figures to share their heartwarming song with us and explain why it cheers them up. Here is the reading list that feels good.

Boucar Diouf, biologist, humorist and host

Chosen song: A Sunday in Bamako – Amadou and Mariam

“Especially in this time of stress and anxiety, I turn a lot to African music. One song in particular that I listen to is One Sunday in Bamako, Amadou and Mariam. I smell the smells and I see the colors in my head, the bush taxis, when I listen to that. It’s a nostalgic trip to Africa. It’s a happy song for a time of longing and anxiety. Otherwise, I listen to traditional Senegalese music a lot. Songs of great griots [poètes, musiciens, gardiens de la tradition orale] Africans. Music accompanied by a choir, with traditional African instruments. ”

David Saint-Jacques, Canadian Space Agency astronaut

Chosen song: A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

“Coldplay’s music reminds me of my happy college days in England, where the band originated from. This song in particular was playing in my space suit helmet on the Baikonur launch pad. It reminds me of the anticipation and exhilaration of the Soyuz rocket liftoff that brought me to the Space Station. ”

Rebecca Makonnen, host

Chosen song: Wasted Youth – Jenny Lewis

“It’s a song that makes me want to take the wheel – of my life! – less strong and let myself be carried by the wave. Well, OK, this is a seemingly very simple song with its not particularly innovative piano chords and its doo-doo-doo-doo-doo that some lyricists would probably call lazy, but for me, who is an anxious and who does not control letting go, it is a call to recklessness. When you dig a little deeper, you realize that it’s actually a dismal text about heroin addiction that Jenny Lewis’s mother suffered from, and that the performer seems to be drowning in regret and distress, but it’s there his tour de force: it is a catchy and perky melody, which manages to convince us that whatever, life goes on. ”

David Goudreault, novelist and poet

Chosen song: Distraught – Plume Latraverse (on Twelve men raped)

“I don’t believe in artistic homeopathy. I prefer to fight fire with fire. There is a certain despair in this song in which we can identify and take refuge. The beauty of Miron’s poem helps us soul. There is a stretch of being, because Plume’s voice and the song lead us into introspection and at the same time, the text is so beautiful and so well written that it pulls us upwards. ”

Kim Thúy, author

Chosen song: You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul – Modern Talking

“I was 15, 16 years old when this song was on the radio a lot and most importantly, it was played at a school party where I danced for the first time in a group at a party with others. teenagers. It always returns me to my adolescence that I lived in small doses through the songs. ”

France Beaudoin, host and producer

Selected songs: Earlier – Alexandra Stréliski, and He – Jean-Michel Blais

” [La musique] by Alexandra Stréliski or Jean-Michel Blais, [c’est] a great prescription for mental health, I would say. It’s good for everything! You are fine, it feels good, and it doesn’t, it does the job too. To work on texts, it’s perfect, there are no words. To fall asleep again because of insomnia at 4 a.m., it’s just ideal. I have listened to these two pianos so much for months that, in 10 years, you are going to play them back to me and I think I will have the reflex to put my mask back on, pandemic or not. ”

Émile Bilodeau, singer-songwriter

Chosen song: Around the island – Felix Leclerc

“’A blue-eyed grandfather standing guard; he does not really know what is being said in the capitals, his eye towards the Gulf or Montreal; watch for the signal. ” I find this beautiful. I find this song comforting because it reminds me of my grandpa, who lived in Chicoutimi, not far from the Saguenay. Félix Leclerc also talks about independence. I find that reassuring, because it’s hard these days to be a sovereignist. And Félix is ​​a reference as much for federalists as for sovereignists. Everyone agrees that he is our national poet. Around the island is beautiful, it speaks of territory, but it also takes a stand. Like propaganda soft ! ”

Françoise David, politician and activist

Chosen song: You have to know – Fred pellerin

“She’s very pretty, the music is beautiful and Fred’s voice too. It’s a song that I listened to in particular moments, including two times when I was traveling, in a context where I experienced certain annoyances and frustrations. I felt far from home. I needed music and lyrics and put Fred on. Everything changed. This song tells us that there are a lot of things we should know, but we don’t know them and we are looking for them. He ends up saying that we will never stop looking. A little like I like people who doubt, by Anne Sylvestre, the songs that tell me not to hesitate to doubt do me good. It’s a song that brings wisdom. ”

Nicolas Ouellet, TV and radio host

Chosen song: Cool cool – KNLO

“KNLO’s music in general, especially the album Sainte-Foy, it’s music that makes you want to relax, to dance and that sends out good energies. He says at the beginning of a verse: “Akena Lohamba Okoko [son vrai nom] tells you that despite the crisis, it’s still cool. ” When I caught that line in my headphones at the start of the pandemic, I realized that this is a perfect song for the times we are living. There is such a need to think, to give meaning, to tap into our resources something that will take us through the next few months … There is something in KNLO’s proposal that just conveys the idea of ​​surrendering in good energy. “

Judith Lussier, author and columnist

Chosen song: I dream – The Boulay sisters

“This song gives me hope. The Boulay sisters sing [les paroles] : “I dream and I believe in it.” I have a lot of solidarity with them, they defend all kinds of causes that are not always well received by the public and the media. I feel they’re a bit against thick and thin, and I’m a bit on that side as well. It does me good to know that there are girls who defend causes that are close to their hearts, so that society is better, and who dream and believe in it. When there is business in the news that discourages me, I dream and believe in it. I really hold on to that song. I can listen to it repeatedly, it makes me feel good and it puts me in a good mood. “

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