The art of lost loves: grieving as a young adult

While writing her new novel, The apartment of lost loves, novelist Catherine Bourgault was faced with a terrible ordeal. While she was addressing the issue of mourning in her manuscript, her father passed away. The writing period was emotional and she wished, through this love story, to convey a message of hope to those who have gone through bereavement, regardless of their age.

Following The apartment of my new life, this novel leads readers into the great emotions experienced by the beautiful Max and her lover, Will. Chance has brought them together in the same apartment and the attraction they feel is real … but the ghost of Will’s first love complicates matters.

In this new novel, Catherine explored mourning as seen by young men. A difficult subject. “Grief can be experienced at any age, but I find that losing a spouse at 50 does not have the same meaning as at 23, when you think that it is the fairy tale for always and that’s the love of your life. You don’t even see a possible life once it ends … It’s sad to lose a spouse at this age, ”she commented in an interview.

As a novelist, she found it interesting to write the version of Max and that of Will, as the events unfolded. “In the first volume, the lovers meet. But in this one, they realize that they are together … but that the deceased person is still there. ”

Having discussed this subject with several people of different ages, she noted one constant: this phantom presence never goes away. “The new spouse has to live with the photo of the other who died in the living room. That’s what it is. The deceased takes up so much space in their lives that it looks like they are still there. ”

2019 has been a tough year for Catherine, who lost her father in writing. “It was very difficult. I was right in the middle of the novel. I couldn’t believe I was writing a book about grief and living it at the same time. I think it really strengthened the emotion of the characters because I was mourning at the same time as them. It was depressing, times a thousand, but I think it was beneficial. ”

Constantly compare

In the novel, Will keeps comparing his new love to his former partner, Allie. “The other is no longer there. At one point, it hurts because he realizes he’s better with the new wife. It pains him so much to admit this that he feels even more like leaving her, replacing her. The lovers are together, but … phew … they are not in the same place in the relationship. “

The novelist believes that it must be very difficult to say “I love you” to someone else when the person to whom you were telling it has passed away. “It’s not because she left you, or because you don’t love her anymore.”

Catherine does not intend to write a sequel to these two volumes, at least in the short term, and has immersed herself in other projects dealing with really different and much less heavy subjects. “We are going to release a special volume of OMG! and during confinement I wrote a new series title Danger!, light and humorous. It will be released in March. ”

♦ Catherine Bourgault has signed several successful novels including the popular series Danger ! and the trilogy I love you. Me neither.

♦ She lives on the Côte-du-Sud.


I risked a lot to be with Will. I stood up to my father by deciding to stay in San Francisco. I sent my ex who is still harassing me for a walk so that I could come back with him, telling me that this is the only way to save my father’s reputation and his political career. It breaks my heart in two to disappoint dad. He gave me so much. And despite everything, I chose Will. Even if he offered me nothing but a day-to-day relationship. “

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