Notices rain on construction sites

Health guidelines are not always followed on construction sites, which have received more than 1,000 correction notices in one month.

In mid-October, Minister Jean Boulet launched a blitz of inspections and prevention in workplaces, where nearly half of COVID-19 outbreaks occur.

Construction wins the list of sectors where there are the most snags to public health rules during this second wave of the epidemic. During 655 worksite interventions, 1101 correction notices were issued.

The Minister of Labor nevertheless underlines that employers and workers have shown cooperation. The CNESST sleuths do not seek to punish the culprits, but rather to find solutions to prevent the spread of the virus, he insists.

“In the vast majority of cases, all sectors combined, when we issue correction notices, to avoid a statement of offense and the following fine, things can be corrected. Our interventions and our blitz are yielding results, ”he said, in an interview with our Parliamentary Office.

30 statements of offense

A correction notice is given if physical distancing, hand hygiene, wearing a mask or disinfecting work surfaces are not respected.

Violators generally have between 12 and 24 hours to make the necessary adjustments, failing which a statement of offense with a fine of up to $ 3502 is sent.

Only 30 tickets have been distributed since the start of the pandemic, nine of which targeted the construction sector.

“The fines, yes, we will impose them if there are recalcitrant people or circles, but that is not our objective. Our goal is for there to be discipline and for us to get through this second wave. “

About twenty sites had to be closed. “But each time, 24 or 48 hours later, the sites were organized to meet the standards and we reopened,” explains Jean Boulet.

Schools and health

But as the holidays approach and the outbreaks light, it’s not the workplace that worries him the most. Rather, it is schools, the health network and businesses that are the target of the CNESST.

Fifteen correction notices were sent to four schools in the past month because the sanitary measures were not respected.

The health sector is not left out. Although they should normally be exemplary, 11 health facilities received correction notices in the past month. Since the start of the pandemic, five rebellious health establishments have been fined.

Shops in the crosshairs

And the authorities will also keep an eye on businesses during the Christmas shopping season.

It is often in common areas or during breaks, where some take the opportunity to grill a cigarette or engage in a heated discussion between colleagues, that people let their guard down.

“There, we are approaching the Holidays and I am asking once again to intensify the interventions and I ask that everyone make additional efforts, we must not relax,” says Minister Boulet.

CNESST inspectors at work

CNESST prevention-inspection activities by sector of activity from October 19 to November 18


  • Interventions: 110
  • Notice of corrections issued: 25 (establishments targeted 11)


  • Interventions: 424
  • Notice of corrections issued: 494 (establishments targeted 135)


  • Interventions: 655
  • Notice of corrections issued: 1101 (establishments and sites concerned 320)


  • Interventions: 4
  • Notice of corrections issued: 9 (establishments targeted 1)


  • Interventions: 67
  • Notice of corrections issued: 15 (establishments targeted 4)


  • Interventions: 289
  • Notice of corrections issued: 295 (establishments targeted 75)

Collective transport

  • Interventions: 3
  • Notice of corrections issued: 0

Sports and leisures

  • Interventions: 1
  • Notice of corrections issued: 6 (establishments targeted 1)

Personal care professions

  • Interventions: 5
  • Notice of corrections issued: 0

Forestry companies (Forestry)

  • Interventions: 1
  • Notice of corrections issued: 0

Food industry (Agriculture)

  • Interventions: 7
  • Notice of corrections issued: 5 (establishments targeted 2)

Day camps

  • Interventions: 1
  • Notice of corrections issued: 0


  • Interventions: 46
  • Notice of corrections issued: 40 (establishments targeted 16)


  • Interventions: 0
  • Notice of corrections issued: 0


  • Interventions: 137
  • Notice of corrections issued: 131 (establishments targeted 25)

But … few observations

Statements of offense submitted by sector of activity since March 13, 2020 accompanied by a fine ranging from $ 1752 to $ 3502

  • Food : 11
  • Health: 5
  • Trade : 4
  • Construction : 9
  • Others: 1

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