COVID-19: another gym at the origin of an outbreak

A training center is once again behind an outbreak of COVID-19 in Ontario, this time in the suburbs of Toronto.

York Region Public Health said in a statement Friday that at least six cases were linked to a group class at a gym in Aurora.

The Aurora Fit Body Boot Camp complied with current health regulations, it was specified.

Equipment was not shared, participants were physically distanced during training and regularly sanitized their hands. In addition, each class could not accommodate more than eight people.

On the other hand, wearing a mask is not mandatory during physical activity sessions and most people did not wear one, added regional public health.

None of the six infected people died.

Training centers are still open in Ontario in areas that have not reached the maximum alert level, such as Aurora.

This isn’t the first time a gym outbreak has made headlines in the province.

In October, at least 47 people had contracted the coronavirus from stationary cycling lessons at a gym in Hamilton.

Here again, all the health instructions were respected.

In Quebec, the fitness centers are closed in the red zone, that is to say almost on the whole territory.

However, this decision is not unanimous among training centers. Considering that the risk of catching the virus while playing sports is minimal, several had threatened last month to disobey the law and reopen their doors, before finally retracting.

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