Artists are coming to your home!

If you used to offer tickets to your loved ones for Christmas, Place des Arts has got you covered.

This year, it offers you shows that can be viewed from your living room.

It is in particular the rapper Samian who participates in the project “Carte blanche colored by …”.

Each artist must perform a song that has marked his life, another that represents a great moment in Quebec song, but to discover an emerging creator and surround himself with another artist.

The rapper will also present pieces from his repertoire.

“It’s really not the show I usually do or tour with. These are really specific songs from my four albums. And there, for the first time in 15 years, that evening, there will be songs that I could “jazz up”, ”explains the artist.

In addition to Samian on November 27, Beyries’ show will take place on January 15, while Daniel Boucher’s show, who has just released his album, will premiere, still webcast, on December 11.

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