An artists’ agent who can’t hear well

After losing both smell and taste, a music artist manager, who has lost the ability to hear certain frequencies since his battle with COVID-19, is now hoping to regain his hearing.

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“I hadn’t listened to music through headphones for a very long time. This week, I had to listen to something very specific, and I noticed that I have lost frequencies in my hearing. It worries me, since it is about my livelihood, “blows Pedro Barbosa, still surprised.

“I noticed that the high frequencies are too strong, and the bass I hardly hear them, continues the music lover. As an artists’ agent, I absolutely do not want to lose my hearing! “

The 51-year-old art director, who keeps himself pretty fit and walks a lot, never thought he was so affected by the virus.

However, on August 26, the Montrealer woke up in great pain and burning with heat. There was no indication of such symptoms the day before.

“At that point, I lost my smell and taste, I had palpitations, digestion problems, zero concentration. My two weeks in quarantine, I was not functional. I couldn’t work. I was on my back, I had difficulty thinking, ”he recalls.

Meat … or fruit?

He could not even distinguish a fruit from a piece of meat and only ate “to stay alive,” he illustrates.

And if he has since recovered more or less his sense of smell and taste, it is not the same, he explains.

“I have a very developed sense of smell, and the taste too. I like good things, wine, food, and I find that there are certain dishes, spices, which no longer taste at all as they used to, ”testifies Mr. Barbosa.

After three “painful” weeks, her condition slowly improved, but some symptoms still persist.

Usually very early in the morning, it is now difficult to get out of bed in the morning, requiring a good hour before being functional.

“I feel like I had been drinking the day before. I open my eyes and it’s like a stunner. With constant fatigue, I have to naps every day, ”he says.

“The air does not enter”

“And when I walk, as soon as there is a hill, I tire. I have difficulty breathing. Looks like the air doesn’t come in. I have occasional palpitations, spasms, ”adds Mr. Barbosa.

Today, he wants to tell his story to encourage citizens to take the disease seriously, he who still suffers the repercussions several months later.

“Not only was I affected, I lived it, but I still live it. I have seen friends lose family members, people get very sick. It’s a really big disease, not just a little flu, which is likely to affect a lot of people in the long run, ”he sighs.

All the more so, he insists, that he believes he was first struck by the virus in the spring when he experienced an episode of fever, cold sweats and headaches. He had not been tested then, however, since he had not been in contact with a positive case.

Pedro Barbosa | 51 years old

  • Loss of certain hearing skills
  • Taste and smell still not returned to normal
  • Must take daily naps due to fatigue
  • Difficulty breathing on exertion

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