17-year-old denounces popular lawyer who allegedly approached her on TikTok

Questions about her age, meeting request and travel proposal to Thailand: a 17-year-old girl publicly denounced receiving insistent messages from Lawyer Chris, whose real name is Eric Christopher Leblanc, in two TikTok publications this week .

“I want to warn you of a tiktoker Quebecois, because what he wrote to me really made me a little uncomfortable, ”says Élodie, in a TikTok video published earlier this week and seen more than 170,000 times.

“I quickly tell him that I find it weird, because he is a lawyer and that I am really younger than him”, she says in the video relayed Thursday by Law Inc.

In messages from his account, he reportedly added that he wanted to meet her after turning 18. After pretending to end the conversation by wishing her good evening, he allegedly added that he wanted to take her on a trip to Thailand.

“When he started to tell me that he was interested in me, and he was a lot older than me, I found it really weird. “

The mother and daughter indicated to the Newspaper Thursday that they were thinking of filing a complaint with the police so that the light can be shed on the situation.

“I found it disgusting that he said things to her like that. Especially since he suggests that she go to Thailand. It takes a nasty problem in the head. Especially since my daughter looks younger than her age, ”explains her mother Nathalie.

From the first message received, Élodie informed her mother of the situation. However, she hesitated before denouncing Mr. Leblanc on social networks, in particular because of his status as a lawyer and public figure, but also because of the comments she expected to receive.

Several other young girls contacted Élodie because they too would have received messages from “Avocat Chris” concerning their age.

The newspaper was able to speak with two of them. The two young girls were approached by the lawyer on Instagram on the night of October 30.

“We wanted to denounce because if we can save another girl, that’s already more. Not everyone could ignore it, it can go a long way, ”says Elodie’s mother, calling on all parents to be vigilant.

In an interview in Press May 6, 2020, Mr. Leblanc had explained that the character of the lawyer “stemmed from a desire to give back” and that the lecturer “had caught the sting” of teaching young people.

By email, the Barreau du Québec confirmed to be aware of the events, but does not want to comment further, the file being in the hands of the trustee. The organization recalls that all lawyers must comply with a code of ethics as provided for in the Law on the Bar.

Eric Christopher Leblanc, who is a member of the Bar, has still not commented on the allegations. All his accounts on the various social networks seem to have been deleted. This disappearance from social media came shortly after the denunciation video shared on Tik Tok by Élodie.


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