Ulysses will cause his own defeat

RIMOUSKI | Just about everyone thinks Junior Ulysse has more experience, more punch, better technique and better footwork.

In other words, I should choose Yves Ulysse to win tomorrow night in Rimouski against Mathieu Germain.

It would have been the case if I had spoken a week ago.

But I didn’t really like what I saw of Yves Ulysse this week. A few days before his fight.

I didn’t like that he didn’t show up to the press conference last Monday. I can understand that in these times of pandemic, an appointment with a sports psychologist and a doctor is a priority. But I didn’t like what was said and who said it. I am referring to Mike Moffat and Rénald Boisvert, two respected and experienced boxing coaches. Both, in their particular style, raised huge doubts about Yves Ulysses’ attitude in training.

The interview with Jean-Charles …

But what convinced me that there was water in the gas in the preparation of Junior was the interview with Jean-Charles Lajoie on Wednesday at TVA Sports. True that Big JiCé conducted a close interview and that he asked questions that went beyond what we usually see and hear in this type of interview which is often used to promote a fight.

I saw a destabilized Junior Ulysses who explained that his real passion is basketball much more than boxing and that gaming is not an addiction at home, even if he brought his X-Box to Rimouski.

As we know, the craziest rumors run about the all-consuming passion that Junior Ulysses puts in his gaming. Let’s get rid of the crazy rumors, but the hours spent on video games are not spent at work or in training. But it is the private life of Junior Ulysse, he is an intelligent and mature man and it is he who manages his schedule.

Except that two days before a fight against an athlete as disciplined and invested as Mathieu Germain, these are elements that allow doubt.

Germain’s tools

As one of the boxers in Rimouski pointed out last night, Mathieu Germain may face Junior Ulysse at the right time. As I said, all boxers and coaches recognize that Junior Ulysses is technically superior and has a right that hurts more than Germain’s.

But what many recognize in the same vein is that Mathieu Germain has a more solid head in this period of his life. And those who have seen the two boxers in training believe Mathieu Germain will be in better condition tomorrow night.

But there are caveats. Mathieu Germain got laid in the casino by the Mexican Uriel Perez. Since then, Germain seems to have recovered from this embarrassing defeat but, in boxing, when you start doubting a boxer’s jaw, it’s difficult to erase the doubt.

And then, the interview with JiCé was perhaps hiding a real anger in Ulysses. If he’s able to channel that anger he seems to be having at Eye of the Tiger Management, it could be a turning point in the evening. Yves Ulysse was often too passive in his fights. Anger could push him to attack more.

In fact, no one really knows who will win this fight. This is what makes it so exciting. Two good locals, two famous guys and a really unknown outcome. This is often the recipe for a milestone. Like Melo-Marcotte or Hilton-Ouellet.

Maybe we will still talk in 30 years of the Ulysses-Germain fight …

I choose Mathieu Germain by decision. Very tight.

IN THE CALEPIN | I am in the 2000 suites at the Hotel Rimouski. Next to it, the charming poster announces Suite LP Guy. When you have a microphone or a camera in your face, you’re always a star. The people are not organizing themselves worse.

The Canadian gymnasium

RIMOUSKI | The Canadian is far too politically correct to complain openly. But if we rose up in front of the contempt of Doctors Horacio Arruda and Richard Massé of Public Health in the boxing file, we must also underline their flagrant lack of judgment in the Canadian file.

Public Health forbids the CH to welcome in its large gymnasium in Brossard the few players of the organization who are in Montreal these days.

The guys work out in their backyard or on the condo porch, they have contracts worth millions and they can’t get access to the most sanitized and private gym in Quebec. Not even to receive treatment there.

Gyms are closed, so that of the Canadian is also closed.

Safety assured

But we are not talking about the gym for little ladies or the Gold Gym and its dancers in the good years. We are talking about a huge surface, framed, sprayed and disinfected, reserved for handpicked employees of the Canadian. Safer than that, you’re a mummy in a sarcophagus.

In addition, the people, the good docile people of Minister Geneviève Guilbault, would have understood that one could still be intelligent in this terrified province. And maybe he would have wanted to be smart too.


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