Trudeau understands that Legault gives hope to Quebecers

OTTAWA | Justin Trudeau refuses to criticize the Legault government, which will allow Quebecers to come together for Christmas, despite the gloomy contagion forecasts unveiled by the federal government earlier in the day.

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“We are still far from Christmas and by then, we are right to hope that we will see a reduction in cases that could allow” to come together “without seeing an outbreak of cases,” said Mr. Trudeau.

The Legault government announced yesterday that Quebecers will be able to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones in several gatherings of a maximum of 10 people from December 24 to 27, in exchange for quarantine a week before and after this period.

Public Health Canada painted a grim picture of the contagion in the country earlier today.

Federal officials estimate that if Canadians maintain their current contact levels, Canada will soon have 20,000 cases per day, compared to an average of 4,800 today.

Worse yet, the number of cases could reach 60,000 per day nationwide by the end of December if physical contact increases during the holiday season.

Faced with these new projections, Justin Trudeau called on the population to “break the second wave and save lives” by reducing “our contacts in person”.

“If you don’t need to leave your home, stay home,” he pleaded.

According to the Chief Public Health Officer, Dr Theresa Tam, the daily number of cases must remain below 10,000 at the risk of saturating our health networks.

“We are already seeing in some places that the networks are under pressure,” said Ms. Tam, presenting the new federal projections.

Asked whether the Quebec plan was responsible, the federal authorities turned to the province.

Dr Tam was keen to reiterate the basic principle that smaller gatherings help curb contagion in the community.

The size of the meetings allowed, however, is only one factor, she added.

The behavior of those who participate is also important.

“If everyone wears a mask, respects a distance of 2 meters and the sanitary measures, it is very different than if 10 people intermingle without a mask and do anything,” she warned. .

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