Increase in retail sales in Quebec and across the country

Retail sales rose for the fifth consecutive month in Quebec, edging up 0.2% in September, Statistics Canada reported on Friday.

Thus, as elsewhere in the country, the federal agency reports a fifth consecutive increase since April in La Belle Province. Sales reached $ 11.02 billion in September in Quebec and $ 5.3 billion in Montreal, an increase of 0.4%.

From coast to coast, they rose 1.1% to $ 53.9 billion in September. Gains were recorded in nine of the eleven subsectors, which accounted for 93.2% of total retail sales.

In this case, food store sales (+ 0.9%) rose for a second consecutive month, partly due to higher prices for meats, fish and dairy products. Sales at furniture and home furnishings stores rebounded (+ 4.5%), after declining 2% in August.

The agency also noted an increase in sales by vehicle and parts dealers, for a fifth consecutive month, up 1.5% in September (seasonally adjusted). They even exceeded their February level by 1.7%.

Meanwhile, electronic retail sales reached $ 3.2 billion in September, or 5.6% of total retail trade.

In addition, e-retail sales increased 74.3% year over year in September, while total unadjusted retail sales rose 9.3%.

Note that cannabis sales grew 108.5% between September 2019 and September 2020, going from $ 123 million to $ 256 million.

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