In which Quebec does Adib Alkhalidey live?

Sunday at Everybody talks about it, the comedian Adib Alkhalidey came to present his first album as a musician-singer.

And it’s super good. This guy has all the talents!

On the other hand, he made a shocking statement that left me “stunned”, like Mélanie Joly in front of the words of Emmanuella Lambropoulos.

Where is contempt, where is he?

When he was asked about the controversy surrounding The little life, Adib Alkhalidey replied this …

“I’m 30 years old and I grew up in Ville Saint-Laurent. Young people who are 10 years old today are going through the same thing that I experienced when I was 10 years old. They don’t watch TV because they can’t see each other anywhere. When they see each other, we laugh at them and humiliate them.

We would have these conversations with these same people, and if they felt they were seen with dignity in society, it would be totally different. But at the moment, we are depriving an entire generation of the right to belong to Quebec, of the right to identify with Quebec culture. They are stateless, even though they were born here, because they see themselves nowhere. ”

But where, on Quebec television, do we humiliate minorities? Where are they treated “unworthily”? What is this Quebec that Alkhalidey is talking about?

What Quebec culture hostile to others is he talking about? The books, plays, films, series of the last twenty years have therefore been a vast undertaking to denigrate cultural minorities?

How can he speak of the lack of identification with “Quebec culture” when Kim Thuy and Dany Laferrière are our favorite authors?

Adib Alkhalidey told TLMEP that he’s never seen people “with dark skin” like him on TV.

Sugar Sammy has been in 30 episodes of These guys in 2014, 2015, 2016. Normand Brathwaite has hosted the Gémeaux 14 times, the Fêtes de la St-Jean 10 times. He’s won so many Gemini that he’s a TV “immortal”.

We saw Gregory Charles at Rooms in town, Les Débrouillards (during 10 years), Chabada, May the best win, Virtuoso, Crescendo, The big league, Star Académie, The clash of generations, etc.

Boucar Diouf, Anthony Kavanagh, Rachid Badouri, Mehdi Bousaidan, Pierre-Yves Lord, has he never seen them on TV? Mélissa Bédard who shone as a singer at Star Academy and shone as an actress in Can you hear me ?, has he never seen her?

Adib Alkhalidey affirms that a young person like him who lives in Saint-Laurent cannot be seen “anywhere”. Yet Adib Alkhalidey himself is “everywhere”.

In Like me (one of the most praised comedy shows in Quebec) and in Mathias and Maxime by Xavier Dolan.

He is one of four Quebec comedians chosen by Netflix for the series Comedians of the world.

Here is what his bio says: “As soon as he left the National School of Humor, Adib Alkhalidey worked as much on stage as behind the scenes as an author. In 2013, he won the Olivier Revelation of the Year at the Les Olivier Gala ”.


To assert that Quebec “humiliates” newcomers, that Quebec culture is deeply contemptuous, is “fake news”.

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