Expert advice | The automobile in question: unfiltered in the Yukon

Q. I own a 2015 Dodge Ram. After traveling through the Yukon and Alaska, I wanted to replace the cabin filter. […] I searched the internet to find out where the filter was because I couldn’t locate it. No result. So I went to my dealership. This one did not find anything and tells me that this type of vehicle does not have one! Is it correct ?

– Louis L., Kitimat, British Columbia

R. Indeed, the cabin filter appeared during the 2017 model year. Some 2016 models were equipped with the basic hardware, but did not have a filter… It exists in the aftermarket and a set to remedy this “oversight” from the brand’s official supplier (Mopar).



Nothing prevents you from keeping your winter tires in summer.

Q. I have always believed in the theory that keeping winter tires in the summer is neither recommended nor advisable. However, for a couple in their 80s who drive less than 5,000 km per year and 9 out of 10 times in the city, is it really necessary to make these tire changes every six months?

– G. Barbeau

R. Nothing prevents you from keeping your winter tires in summer. Considering the mileage and the nature of your trips (urban and at low speed), the risks are less. The article published last week on the practice of keeping winter tires in summer did not make this difference.


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It is imperative to regularly check the tire pressure.

Q. I am about to install winter tires on my Subaru Impreza 5-Door Sport. The representative suggests that I install TPMS sensors (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). If I don’t, he mentions that it could have an impact on the performance of my vehicle in the long term and that, of course, a warning light would remain on my dashboard at all times. They sell me these sensors for $ 60 each. I have read about these sensors and it seems like you don’t need to have them. Moreover, the old vehicles did not have any. I would like to know your opinion.

– Isabelle D.

R. This device, offered as standard since 2008 on vehicles sold in Canada, concerns your safety. In fact, maintaining the tire pressure prescribed by the manufacturer is essential. This is the assurance of maintaining optimal road holding, minimizing the risk of punctures, increasing the life of the tire and, of course, optimizing fuel consumption. This is the mission entrusted to the TPMS monitoring system (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). So much for the “performance” element of this system. See it as an additional safety net. Naturally, when fitting a complete set of wheels for winter, new sensors are needed. These are not free. If you do not have such a device (the warning light will in fact remain on throughout this period) on your vehicle, it is essential to check the tire pressure regularly.


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First aid kit

Q. In your list of emergency accessories, you mention a first aid kit. In first aid training, the instructor recommended the same. However, you didn’t specify that this kit needs to be inspected more often than the kit you have at home. Frost and heat damage this kit more quickly (yellowed gauze strip, stale alcohol swab, etc.).

– André B.

R. Good point, thank you.

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