COVID-19: more than 200 new cases in Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean

The fight against the coronavirus remains a constant challenge in Saguenay — Lac-Saint-Jean, where more than 200 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded on Friday.

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This region announced 213 new cases, a drop of around 30 daily cases from the all-time high of 241 new infections counted the day before.

The comparison with Montreal, the metropolis, no longer holds, it having reported nearly 300 new cases on Friday. But, in terms of its population, the Saguenay remains one of the hottest places in Quebec.

And this transmission of the virus continues to go hand in hand with additional deaths: two victims have been added in Saguenay — Lac-Saint-Jean, for a total of 87 deaths since the start of the crisis.

Remember that the surge in cases has caused the postponement of many non-urgent appointments and even the cessation of some cancer treatments in hospitals.

400 cumulative deaths in Quebec

As for the Capitale-Nationale, the relative stability of the last few weeks seems to be crumbling; nothing seems certain yet, with 138 new cases this Friday, the largest increase in almost four weeks, and, unfortunately, three new deaths.

The sad mark of the 400 lives mowed down by the coronavirus since March has therefore been reached in the Quebec region.

In Chaudière-Appalaches also, three deaths have been added, for a total of 114 deaths since the start of the pandemic. On the other hand, the population can be pleased with a slight decrease in the daily level of infection with 42 new cases.

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