30 day challenge

The virus has radically changed our daily lives. What was unimaginable eight months ago has become the norm.

We can easily see the economic damage caused by health measures. But there is also, and above all, the human damage. They are more insidious, but no less devastating.

Mask, physical distancing and confinement. We had the advent of contactless payment. Now we have the contactless society.


Measurements are necessary. But the fact remains that people are anxious. The limited horizon causes anxiety for the next day. Remote work demotivates, isolation depresses. The mask deprives humanity of its face, its smiles, its singularity.

To make matters worse, the world seems to have become Manichean with the “good” citizens on one side and the “bad” on the other. A world where the other is perceived as a mortal threat, where we no longer hesitate to denounce our neighbor.

In the end, the people suffer. To avoid dying from COVID, he is dying of sadness.

According to the WHO, “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and does not consist only of the absence of disease”.


To regain mental and social well-being, we must reclaim our humanity. How? ‘Or’ What ? Why not take on a challenge that will benefit everyone? Between now and Christmas, why not commit to doing one more, unusual and totally selfless act of kindness every day?

It could be checking in with a distant relative, giving up your seat on the bus, offering coffee to a homeless person, sending homemade cookies to a single person, taking the time to listen to the depressed colleague, writing a note encouragement to anyone who has difficulty in confinement.

There are many possibilities. The benefits are endless, especially if millions of people are doing it. And then, in this dystopian atmosphere, doesn’t humanity desperately need a little joy and hope?


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