The most popular password of 2020 is …

Despite the constant threat of a cyberattack, it seems that many people do not find it necessary to find passwords that cannot be decrypted.

The technology company specializing in password management NordPass has published a list of the 200 most used and weakest passwords.

Topping the list is “123456” which has been used by 2,543,285 Internet users and takes less than a second to hack.

It is followed by “123456789” in the second position which is used by 961,435 people.

In the top 20, we find other classics like “password”, “qwerty”, “picture1”, “abc123”, “million2” and “iloveyou”.

Among other predictable passwords, Internet users use “111111” and “123123”.

NordPass advises those who have a password that is in the list to change it immediately.

Even more so if it is “123456” when we know that it has been hacked more than 23 million times.

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