The Lighthouse is no longer: make way for HUMANITI!

The Le Phare project is no more. Make way for HUMANITI. Montreal developer Cogir Immobilier will lead the construction of the four towers in Sainte-Foy, the tallest of which is expected to reach a height of 53 floors, and Groupe Dallaire will now act as investor.

On Thursday, the management of Cogir unveiled a first sketch of its project in Quebec. The entire development at the head of the bridges will be presented to the population on November 24 during a virtual session.

“We are at the preliminary drafting stage and we are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​seeing the birth of this concept of an evolved vertical community in Quebec City with signature buildings at the head of the bridges”, underlined Mathieu Duguay, president and head of management at Cogir.

In recent months, the Dallaire Group confirmed to the Journal that it now has Cogir as a partner to carry out this real estate development. According to our information, the promoter of Quebec will remain owner of the land and Cogir will be the conductor of the site.

In a statement released Thursday, there is no mention of the Lighthouse. The new project is being developed by the architecture firms Neuf and Bisson.

Cogir management says it wants to offer a project “of world level and adapted to the reality of Quebec” with “people and their well-being at the heart of its design”. The promoter says that his complex fits perfectly into Quebec City’s 2020-2030 Housing Vision and he also wants to obtain LEED and WELL certifications for his buildings.

The development, located at the intersection of Laurier Boulevard and Lavigerie Avenue, will consist of four buildings, two of 31 floors, one of 40 floors and the main tower will reach a height of 53 floors.

According to the plans of the Montreal developer, the complex should include a hotel with 200 rooms, 1,151 rental units, 453 condos, 22,335 square feet of commercial space and 291,476 square feet of office space.

Originally, Groupe Dallaire had the ambition to build the tallest tower east of Toronto. It was to reach 65 floors.

In the greater Quebec City area, Cogir already owns some fifteen properties worth $ 850 million, including residential and commercial buildings as well as residences for the elderly.

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