The Holiday Season in Quebec in 10 points

Prime Minister François Legault unveiled the government’s game plan for the holidays on Thursday.

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Here is what you should take away from the Quebec announcement in 10 points.

1. Gatherings are permitted from December 24 to 27 inclusively. New Year’s Day is therefore sacrificed

2. A maximum number of 10 people can assemble at a time, but no limit on gatherings has been established between December 24 and 27.

3. François Legault asks Quebeckers to isolate themselves voluntarily as much as possible one week before and one week after the period from December 24 to 27

4. Distance education will be offered on December 17, 18, 21 and 22

5. In elementary school, school will start again as planned during the week of January 4

6. In high school, school will start again as of January 11

7. François Legault asks all companies to reduce their activities and encourage teleworking one week before Christmas

8. The same rules will apply to all regions

9. The government “does not recommend” travel between regions during the holiday season, but it is not prohibited

10. The dining rooms of restaurants, bars, performance halls and gyms in the red zone will remain closed until at least January 11. Aid programs will be extended until this date

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