Resigned traders and very little surprised

Most resigned, gym and restaurant owners had no illusions about being able to open during the holiday season. For some, the doubt already exists concerning the new date of January 11, 2021 put forward Thursday by the Legault government.

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The Prime Minister did mention that he would like to reopen restaurants and gyms on January 11, but that he would like to see the number of positive COVID-19 cases drop.

“You don’t have to live on the same planet to believe that we’re going to open on January 11. We would be very happy to reopen but I do not expect that. I don’t plan before mid-February at least, ”says Gabriel Hardy, owner of Gym le Chalet, in Quebec.

An adequate stimulus

The athlete is also the provincial spokesperson for the Canadian Council for the Fitness Industry (CCICP), which represents more than a third of the 667 establishments with a fitness studio license in Quebec.

Gabriel Hardy hopes to convince the government that gyms can be safe. “The message is not getting through public opinion and decision-makers for the moment. We know that this is false and our sanitary measures are exceptional. We are asking the government to position itself to relaunch us properly, ”he adds.

Patience and doubt

Everywhere, many athletes have been patient for weeks. “We are launching our virtual training sessions this Saturday so we are recruiting our members. I find it boring, but we keep busy and we adapt to the situation with all the tools at our disposal ”, launches the ex-cyclist Geneviève Jeanson, who directs the activities of the franchise Orangetheory Fitness of her spouse, to Vaudreuil.

Restaurant owners also find the time very long as Christmas approaches. “We suspected that it was impossible to open for the Holidays, but instead of the Prime Minister, I would not have given a date. It is sure that the cases will explode on return in January. People will come together and defy the rules, ”believes Ivan Waddell, associate director general of Archibald Sainte-Foy.

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