Parents say no to forced leave

Parents refuse to allow children’s learning to be sacrificed for the holiday season. They ask that the courses can be continued remotely if the school break is extended.

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This scenario envisaged by the Legault government to avoid an outbreak of cases after the Christmas and New Year’s family gatherings divides Quebecers who have school-aged children.

If 44% are in favor of the extended school break, 38% are against it, reveals a quick poll conducted this week by the Federation of Quebec Parents’ Committees (FCPQ) among its members.

But the vast majority of parents agree on the importance for young people to continue their learning and avoid wasting precious days of school if the holiday break is extended.

No less than 60% of fathers and mothers are calling for distance education for their children during school days that would otherwise be wasted.

If online classes cannot be given during the holiday break, the school year should be extended or hours should be resumed during the spring break, parents suggest.

Only 13% of survey respondents believe that the days lost should not be taken back in one way or another.

François Legault suggested Tuesday that the holiday break could be extended by a week or two. The Prime Minister clarified that it would be a real vacation for students and teachers and that there would be no distance lessons. Details will be released today.

Tourtière first

The president of the FCPQ does not hide it, the closure of schools is not good news, especially for vulnerable students.

Kévin Roy believes that the CAQ government has chosen the “easy” route by opting for this route. “It’s as if it was the tourtière that came before academic success,” he laments in an interview.

He recalls the delay that some children have accumulated since last spring, accentuated by class closures due to outbreaks.

The right to education

“Making a decision to close schools for two weeks time, to cut off this access to our children to education, it cannot be taken lightly like that, it cannot be that simple”, he insists.

And it is in the name of this right of young Quebecers to education that he asks the government to hear the message delivered by parents.

Quebec is not alone in juggling the idea of ​​closing schools to slow down the second wave of the epidemic.

New York City just announced that all of its public schools will have to close as of today due to the rise in COVID-19 cases.

Are you in favor of an extension of the holiday break to slow the progression of COVID-19?

Yes : 43.9%

No : 37.8%

Undecided: 18.3%

In the event of an extension of the holiday break, what should happen to the lost school days?

  • Distance education should be done during the extension: 59.8%
  • The school year should be extended to allow them to resume: 13.4%
  • Days should not be taken back (lost days): 13.4%
  • The days should be taken over during the spring break: 3.5%


The web survey was sent to the parent committee members of the FCPQ from Monday until 7 a.m. The results presented here are preliminary, but 45 parent committees out of 60 spread across Quebec had already responded to the survey when this text was published.

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