[EN DIRECT] Gatherings of 10 people allowed from December 24 to 27

Quebec will authorize gatherings of a maximum of 10 people for Christmas, on December 24, 25, 26 and 27, in exchange for which Public Health asks to avoid all contact one week before and one week after this pandemic truce.

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“I offer a moral contract. We are proposing a kind of voluntary confinement to minimize the risks of spreading the virus to your loved ones. […] I first ask for the cooperation of all employers. Anyone who can telecommute, do it a week before and a week after. And all companies that are able to reduce their activities, I ask you to do so, ”the Prime Minister said Thursday.

Quebec still asks to respect the usual precautions during these “parties”: respect the two meters and wash your hands regularly.

For New Year’s Day, it will be duvet and television evening: gatherings will be prohibited. “I know a lot of people like to celebrate New Years Day. But public health asks us to stick to a period of 4 days, to minimize the risks, ”said Mr. Legault. A January 1st party could create problems later in the month. Office parties are “obviously” prohibited.

No school day wasted

No school day should be wasted. There will be distance education for all students on Thursday December 17th, Friday 18th, Monday 21st and Tuesday 22. Some schools were closed from December 17th anyway. In elementary school, school will start again as planned on January 5, 6 or 7. In secondary “as distance courses are less difficult, schools would be reopened on January 11”.

These rules, he recalls, will be changed if the situation escalates. For a family Christmas to be possible, “the situation must remain relatively stable” by December 24. “All the efforts we are going to make from today are to ensure that the situation does not deteriorate by the 24th,” warned Mr. Legault.

More details to come …

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