Diane Dufresne’s life will be adapted to cinema

A biopic on the great Quebec artist Diane Dufresne will soon see the light of day. Even though we do not yet know who will direct it, Sylvain Guy was chosen to write the screenplay.

“Great performer, actress and traveling work of art on stage (what costumes!), Scriptwriter of her own shows, lyricist, writer, painter. It is a privilege for me to write not her story, but a story about this plural woman, to bring to the screen the unique journey of this secret young girl but full of imagination from the east of the city, motherless at fourteen, who one evening dared to cross the street to enter a stadium where 60,000 people cheered her, ”Sylvain Guy said of Diane Dufresne.

He notably participated in the writing of CRAZY by Jean-Marc Vallée and Mafia Inc. from Podz.

We owe Diane Dufresne songs such asOxygen and I met the man of my life, whose popularity has spread far beyond our borders. During her long career, she collaborated, among others, with Luc Plamondon, Daniel Bélanger, Yannick Nézet-Séguin or the lyricist Pierre Grosz in France.

“Diane Dufresne is undeniably one of the most influential artists in the musical and cultural landscape of Quebec and of the Francophonie. As an admirer of his work, it is an honor for me to be able to count on his collaboration and that of Richard Langevin, in this project which promises to be grandiose! ” enthusiastic Christian Larouche, president of Christal Films, which will produce the feature film.


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