COVID-19: How are the online courses conducted?

You might be wondering how your kids’ online classes are going. The Charles-Gravel high school in the Chicoutimi borough in Saguenay opened its doors to TVA Nouvelles to show what virtual learning looks like.

If you hear stomping upstairs, it may be because your child is in an online physical education class. The schedule has not changed from what prevails face-to-face, all classes are held at home, even sport.

“I think they work even harder because it’s training. It is extremely effective and they are very happy, moreover, it is good for their morale, ”said Renée Landry, a physical education teacher at Charles-Gravel high school on Thursday.

In turn, each student appears in front of the teacher so that she can properly assess the movements and exercises requested.

To find the activities, it is not the imagination that is lacking. “Some teachers will ask their students to go do an outdoor physical activity: string wood, go for a hike, take a 30-minute walk and will ask to take pictures during the activity and send them to them,” explained Mireille Boutin, the director of this secondary school, saying she is very proud of her teachers.

Now, direction science: TVA Nouvelles was able to attend the demonstration of a chemical reaction, just like the pupils of an isolated group at home.

“The camera of our new laptops is powerful enough so that we can clearly see what we are doing ahead,” said science teacher Charles Munger.

The challenge is above all to juggle between several computers, cameras and interactive whiteboards, while explaining the material which, normally, would have been delivered in person. With exams fast approaching, Mr. Munger is eager to see the results of his distance education.

He also says he is very proud of his students who have adapted very well to the new way of doing things.

Some still have more difficulty than in regular class. “Of course, for students in difficulty, it’s a little more difficult at a distance, we need to adjust. What we do is for the students to start a course with the teacher and there they switch to my remedial education course. We go more individually, so one, two, three, four, five students at most, ”said Annie Brilland, a remedial teacher at Charles-Gravel high school.

Boosting the school … from a distance

To make the school year more enjoyable, a group of students are working to organize several social activities that are suitable for both students in the classroom and those at home.

“We organized a pajama day in which everyone can participate, even with the sanitary measures. It’s true that it’s a more difficult year, but every week we get together like that and we find activities to do despite COVID, ”said the premier of Charles-Gravel high school and also a student. , Karolane Claveau.

Like what in all situations, we can find a pleasant side.

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