Angry son of RPA resident of Alma died of COVID-19

The Domaine des Aînés, a private residence for seniors in Alma, has listed some 60 cases of COVID-19 within its walls in just one week.

This outbreak also resulted in the death of a 75-year-old resident. Her son, Claude Simard, is angry because he claims he was never notified that his mother was infected.

“My mother told me that a person was infected on the 3rd floor, that all the residents were isolated, but that there were no problems,” said Claude Simard. I said “one case, they have the situation under control.”

He received a call from the residence last Sunday informing him that his mother, Lise Simard, had just been admitted to the hospital.

The emergency physician contacted him 30 minutes later. He told her that his mother had the coronavirus and that he didn’t know if he could save her.

“Panic sets in, the Earth stops spinning. I didn’t even know she had the coronavirus, ”said Claude Simard.

Lise Simard died a few hours later, on the night from Sunday to Monday.

Her son claims that no one told her that a massive screening had taken place on November 11 at the Domaine des Aînés and even less that she had received a positive result.

“An employee of the residence told me that everyone had been notified,” explained Mr. Simard. I said “well me, I was never notified”. “

A representative of Groupe Lokia, manager of the private residence, who does not wish to be identified, assured that the families have all been informed of the screening by email, but that the residence is not responsible for disclosing the results and that it it is up to public health to do so.

“I denounce for my mother today, in her memory to help other families,” said Mr. Simard.

Two other families wrote to TVA Nouvelles to testify to similar situations.

One of them claims that she might never have known that a relative was infected if she had not taken the steps to find out the result of the screening test herself.

No one would have contacted the resident to explain the symptoms of the disease or to take her temperature.

The representative of the Lokia Group assured that the situation is under control and that the management of the residence has been in communication with the health authorities since the first day.

Red Cross staff arrived as reinforcements on Wednesday according to what TVA Nouvelles was able to observe on the spot.

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