A Quebecer collaborates with the biggest international stars

A Montreal artist has been working for the past few years with many stars from here, but also internationally.

On the long list of Pierre-Luc Rioux collaborations, we find Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Sia, Nick Jonas and the Black Eyed Peas.

It all started with a meeting in Montreal. “I had the chance to meet David Guetta and his production partner who made the link and it was really him who opened all the doors for me”, says the guitarist and producer.

Pierre-Luc had an extraordinary experience with the famous DJ. Pressed by Guetta, he had to record extracts while he was at the Montreal-Trudeau airport. He adds that we can hear these sounds on the piece “Bang my head”.

Pierre-Luc also works with artists like Loud for the piece “All women know how to dance”. “My family’s greatest pride is the songs I worked on, both in French and in English,” he adds.

Obviously, his work has been affected by the COVID crisis. He says he misses the face-to-face contact with singers, songwriters and songwriters a lot.

Now everything is done remotely, thanks to virtual platforms. “There are lots of songs that are done by Zoom,” he says.

Pierre-Luc Rioux also created the melodies for more than twenty projects on the small and big screen.

Even though he’s very busy, he finds time to work on a personal project called “Chiiild”.


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