A film about the life of Diane Dufresne

Hold on, she’s coming … to the movies! Diane Dufresne’s life will be brought to the big screen in a film produced by Christian Larouche, has learned The newspaper.

The writing of the screenplay was entrusted to Sylvain Guy, the man who scripted the films Louis Cyr and Gallant: Confessions of a Hitman.

Joined in the Magdalen Islands, where he is currently managing the shooting of Ken Scott’s next film, Christian Larouche was excited to finally be able to talk about this project on which he has already been working for almost two years.

“It’s a huge challenge, because Diane Dufresne has made such an impact on the world of French-language song, both in Quebec and in France,” said the producer behind several big box office successes such as Louis Cyr and The Mirage.

Diane Dufresne with Claude Dubois, in 1979.

Archive photo

Diane Dufresne with Claude Dubois, in 1979.

“We want to make a film which will introduce its music to a younger audience, but which will also allow older people to immerse themselves in its work. I think young people will find out that she was the Lady Gaga of the time, with her eccentric costumes and spectacular staging. “

According to Mr. Larouche, Diane Dufresne is excited to see her life told on the big screen: “She is a movie fan and she understood what we wanted to do with the film. I feel blessed to be able to work with a living legend like her, ”indicates the producer, who is also preparing a film on the life of Guy Lafleur.

The person who will direct the feature film and the actress who will play the role of Diane Dufresne have not yet been chosen.

En 1984, lors du spectacle <em>Pink magic</em> at the Olympic Stadium.” title=”80s folder” class=”lazyload”/><br />
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Archive photo

In 1984, during the show Pink magic at the Olympic Stadium.

The film should cover a good part of Diane Dufresne’s life: her youth in Montreal, her stay in Paris to study singing and theater, her meeting with Luc Plamondon and François Cousineau, who gave her her first successes, such as Hey there, I’m coming! and I met the man of my life and his time Starmania, in the late 1970s.

“His mythical show Pink Magic at the Olympic Stadium, in 1984, should be an important moment in the film ”, underlines Christian Larouche. The diva then performed in front of 55,000 spectators dressed in pink!

Describing himself as a big fan of Diane Dufresne, Sylvain Guy did not hesitate for a second when Christian Larouche asked him to write the screenplay for the film: “Diane Dufresne is one of the greatest stage animals of the world. history of music, and not just in Quebec, he insists. Grandiose shows like Top secret or I put myself on my 36, we no longer see that today. “

Une image du show <em>I put myself on my 36</em> at the Montreal Forum in 1980.” title=”Diane Dufresne” class=”lazyload”/><br />
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Archive photo

An image of the show I put myself on my 36 at the Montreal Forum in 1980.

Sylvain Guy would like to be able to finish a first version of the script next summer. After which, Christian Larouche will start looking for the actress who will have the difficult mission to embody Diane Dufresne on the screen. The producer estimates that the film’s budget could oscillate between $ 8 and $ 10 million.

“I produced Gerry [sur la vie du chanteur d’Offenbach, Gerry Boulet] ten years ago, and it was already big. But there, I think this project is even more ambitious than Gerry. We will have to go and tour in Europe and reproduce shows with large crowds. It will be quite a challenge! “


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