A book for Dicaire

The year 2020 of Marie-Eve Dicaire did not unfold as she had hoped. Her unification fight against Claressa Shields has been repeatedly postponed. However, she regained her dazzling smile in the last days with the book Tell me about Marie-Eve Dicaire, published by Petit Homme.

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In this book, readers will discover the ups and downs of the boxer’s journey to the IBF super mid-middleweight title. It is never easy to reach this level in this sport.

“When I was approached for this project, it was a bit of a surprise,” said Marie-Eve Dicaire during an interview with The Journal of Montreal. For me, what I do is normal.

“I box to inspire people and I can demonstrate that it is important to believe in your dreams. “

During the last months, Dicaire has made several telephone meetings with the author Mathias Brunet to explain certain events of his life to him.

“It was an incredible process. I was able to review my youthful years. I remembered some things in my journey that I had forgotten. “

Dicaire likes to address young people. Last year, she gave several lectures in schools. However, this year, with the pandemic, the 34-year-old boxer was not so lucky.

“I’m a little bitter that I couldn’t give lectures,” she said. I loved the moment when young people asked questions. This is when you can see that a sentence can hook them to a dream. “

At the end of her career, she did not rule out the possibility of writing her biography. However, before thinking about this project, she wants to add several other significant chapters to her journey.


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