5 favorites at image + nation

The image + nation festival is coming to our salons for the first time with a new 100% digital edition. Where to start ? What to see? Here are five films that caught our attention in this program entirely devoted to LGBTQ cinema.

The Acrobat

Rodrigue Jean is back. And, true to his habit, he is not in the lace. The enigmatic filmmaker offers today The Acrobat, story of the raw attraction between two men with opposite paths. It’s hard, it’s explicit and it is received like a punch in the middle of the breastbone.

Sex, Sin & 69

1969 was a particularly important year for the LGBTQ community, especially with the Stonewall riots and the (partial) decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada. Documentary filmmaker Sarah Fodey revisits these milestone events – and many others – through testimony from activists and archive footage.

Los Fuertes

Celebrated in various festivals across the planet, Los Fuertes finally arrives in Quebec thanks to image + nation. This story of a sudden and irrepressible love between two lovers at a crossroads in their lives has already aroused many comparisons with Brokeback Mountain.

Army of Lover in the Holy Land

From an assumed kitsch, the Swedish group Army of Lovers burst onto the pop scene at the end of the 1980s with their catchy rhythms and their aesthetic, let’s say, particular. This documentary examines their history, supported by the testimonies of the three current members. Our curiosity is piqued.

Forgotten Roads

After the death of her husband, a widow begins to develop previously unsuspected feelings for another woman in Forgotten Roads. During its presentation at various festivals in South America and the United States, many have underlined the delicacy and tenderness shown by the Chilean filmmaker Nicol Ruiz Benavides with her first offer.

All films are available online on the site image-nation.org until December 6.


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