Quebec allows meetings of 250 people for certain activities deemed essential

The Legault government now allows the holding of certain activities deemed “essential” which can bring together up to 250 people.

In a ministerial decree of last October 22 that went unnoticed, Quebec allowed this breach of the health rules in force, even in the red zone, for “organized activities necessary and even essential to the pursuit of activities within the framework of the operation of a business or those of an educational institution, a tribunal, an arbitrator, an association of employees, professionals, executives, senior executives or employers, a consular post, a diplomatic mission, a ministry or a public body ”.

However, participants must be able to maintain a distance between them of two meters.

“No event or social activity can be carried out there, this includes conferences, non-essential business meetings which can take place in virtual mode, trade exhibitions and incentive trips”, specifies the cabinet of the Minister of Tourism.

Restaurants and other gathering places also remain closed.

More details will follow …

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