Olivier Primeau: think big, sti!

When I saw Olivier Primeau defend his trade names in English, saying: “It’s 100% marketing”, the first thing that came to my mind was the famous line of Alexis Martin in Les Boys 3 on the “TTT ting marke”.

Then I thought of Elvis Gratton and his famous line “They’ve got it, Americans!” », But especially his famous:« Think big, sti “.


It’s because he “ think big “That Olivier Primeau calls his chain of pizzerias” Slice Gang Pizza “with the slogan” Slice to meet you “, Which he calls his frozen meals:” Poutine time “and” Burger Every day “, which he calls” Beach Peach “his new alcoholic drink from the series” Beach day every day “and that his website is called “Beach news everyday”.

But he has the audacity to tell us on his site: “I am 100% for the preservation of French in Quebec”.

Interviewed yesterday in Le Journal, Olivier Primeau had this to say about people offended by his marks in English: “The world that chiale makes 12 faults per sentence in French”.

I went for a quick walk on his Twitter account.

Here is what he wrote on October 18: “For fun I do a podcast every week with my boyfriends (sic) for the NFL predictions … we are (sic) rotten but we have a lot of fun”.

October 12: “It’s nice you can’t go to nobody’s house but you can call a Party at Carrefour Laval in the Starbucks line up”.

October 6: “Little tweet like that on the side … do you think the CH is going to make a trade today?” “.

August 7: “I dreamed that the CH was going to be eliminated (sic) Pittsburgh”.

On July 7, he spoke of the “economic impact (sic)” of Beachclub.

I took a look at his Instagram account, where he describes himself in English only: “Doing everything well and new meme god”.

His account is filled with: “Follow, like the photo and tag a friend”.

To announce his future frozen burger, he writes: “Tag a person and if they don’t answer you in 5 minutes they owe you (sic) a Burger.” After my frozen poutine (sic), my frozen burger is coming very soon. New family format (sic) ”.

Oh, can someone tell Olivier Primeau that there is a big mistake on his olivierprimeau.com page?

We do not write “subscribe” but rather “subscribe”.

Monsieur Primeau really hates that, people who make mistakes …


On his site, Olivier Primeau yesterday wrote a text to clarify his position on trademarks in English.

“As for the Slice Gang Pizza banner and all my other products, I see it more as a slogan, and it has to be like what it represents”.

Do you understand something in this, do you?


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